Mar 11, 2007

New Life

Yesterday I had been cleaning the whole house from top to bottom (actually SPRING cleaning) and I began to feel very hormonal and tired. Thankfully Brady was napping, so I took the opportunity to sit on my porch swing and let my brain have a rest. I was staring at the my neighbor's dogwood tree and the blooms were just gorgeous. It made me happy just staring at something that had looked dead just a week ago and now it was so alive. Anyways, I started feeling so happy because it reminded me that there is a little life growing in me too. It actually feels like spring. Last time I was pregant I found out after everything had bloomed. THis time around, everytime I see a flower, or a bird, or anything that's beautiful I feel so overwhelmed with peace and happiness.

Here is my little garden plot. It isn't finished in case you haven't noticed. Lookin' a little rough right now. Zac is going to make me a chicken wire fence and I still have a lot of hoeing to do to it and it could use some fertilizer. But, just the same, I love it.
Here's the row of a few weeks I'll plant green beans.

And here is my joy. I'm so excited for Brady to have a sibling. Sometimes when I'm busy and he's off playing alone I feel so bad and think "Ah, he needs a playmate." Well, soon he'll have one. THen I'll be on my toes making sure he doesn't yank the little dude around by the feet and such.

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