Mar 10, 2007



JLW said...

Haha! Just what I've been waiting for!

JLW said...

Alyssa - "JLW" is me - Ashley. Congrats on the new baby. Boy or girl - either way will be delightful.

Yeah, I'm still doing cloth diapers, but only for pee, not the other. I figure every little bit helps money wise, but really - the thought of diaper ridden landfills makes me sad, so I do it for my conscience sake!

I love you pregnancy blog and can't wait for you to actually have a belly! (might I mention, lucky you for no strechmarks!) Okay, longest comment ever.


Josh and Rachel Roberts said...

Hey guys! I was going to call you today and tell you congrats but it is too late your time so I will call you tomorrow. We are so happy for you. It is exciting that there will be 4 cousins! I will call you tomorrow.

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