Aug 20, 2007

Family Pictures


kate said...

that little girl's growing so big!!
i wish i could see you and your girth! it seems i never get to be around my sister-in-laws when they're pregnant.
i suppose it's more important to be around the actual child, and that i get to do from time to time :-)

ya'll are a good-lookin' family.

The Toplov Trio said...

What nice family pictures, especially the last one. And what a cute top you have on.

aubrey payne said...

friend! your hair is the epitomy of long lucious honey-colored locks!!
and i love that you have a little baby belly going on...ya'll are the coolest!!

Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

I love the family pictures! Your long locks remind me of an Indian - remember when we built that teepee in El Manzano and tried to make the boys play with us all the time?? Ha Ha

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