Aug 23, 2007


Another wonderful Salvation Army find. We've been using a clip on seat ever since he could sit up...for some reason after every meal half of his food is on the floor. Ever since we got this high chair two days ago I haven't had to clean up anything...not quite sure what the difference is. Anyways, Zac is thinking of sanding it down and restaining it to make it a little prettier.

We are going away this weekend for a soccer tournament. If you could remember to, please pray for us as it will be in the 100 degree range and we will have to be outside for several hours. Pray for Brayden to be obedient so that I won't have to chase him all over God's green earth and that Zac and I will do okay in the heat.

Also, we have decided to list our house for sale since real estate isn't going to great here lately....we would like to get a head start. So, starting next week we will be repairing some things, looking to replace the refrigerator, work in the yard and all that jazz. Pray that we will make wise decisions and for a buyer for our home.


Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Where will you live once your home sells? I thought you were thinking of moving to CO, but not for another few years.

Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

Selling your house!? Does this mean you are moving? Where to?

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