Nov 13, 2007

Two Weeks

I call this picture "Sleeping Beauty." Trin is 2 weeks old now and I took her for her check up this morning. Once again the doctor was super impressed that she has gained 14 oz since birth - she is now 8lbs even! Listen, I'm just happy that she's gaining because I always think she's not eating very much because she just kind of gulps and is done. Oh...and she's 20 inches now.
This is an awful picture....they all look drugged or something. I just wanted to show the three of them together.

This was what Trin wore to her doctor's appointment this morning - last week it didn't fit!

Check out his chipmunk cheeks....I'm thinking he's gonna grow taller soon?!!!



MOM said...

You do good. Thanks for the nice pictures. Bray Bray is becoming attached to his sister now. That's great! i guess he just needed some time to get used to another member joining the family.

JLW said...

I like the last one of the two of them! Its got an artistic flare to it and they both look so cute!

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