Nov 9, 2007

Update on the Fam

It seems like everytime I try to take a picture of Zac and Trin I end up taking it right when she sticks her tongue out! She's doing just great, except yesterday her umbilical cord thing fell off only half way and it still looks raw underneath. Somehow it got snagged....I think her diaper got unfolded at the top or something. I called the doctor and so we are just keeping it clean until my appointment on Tuesday and then he'll look at it. We're just watching it closely to make sure it doesn't get infected.
Brayden looks shocked here....that's because he LOVES cameras but doesn't quite understand the command "smile." :) He's getting a lot more use to having a little sister and he loves helping take her dirty diapers to the trash and he kisses her several times a day. He keeps pointing out where her eyes are and once he actually poked her eye....thankfully she just gave a little grimace and all was fine.

I'm doing okay with my little bundle of love. I'm super tired today....I think the week and a half of no sleep is beginning to play its toll. My throat is sore today so I'm trying to rest. Zac is home with me today to watch Brady so that I can just sleep and eat. Yes, eat! I'm not very hungry at all and I forget that in order to do a good job breastfeeding you have to get your required calories for the day. I just don't feel hungry ever and if I eat even half a plate of food I feel full. So, I need to pack in a few more calories for my little one.


MOM said...

Every body looks happy...Yippee!
Brayden's eyes are beautiful. I can hardly wait until we can be together again...when??? Until then, thanks for the blogs.

aubrey payne said...

yeah for zac being at home so you can rest...hey, can you talk tommorrow night?

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