Jan 4, 2008

Four Years

Yesterday Zac started off our anniversary by arriving home with flowers...it's been a long time since I've had red roses and for us they our kind of "our" flower because he use to always leave me red roses in my locker in highschool. I'm so glad he still remembers that I love them.
Here's a halarious picture...he looks like a giant and me a midget. I almost cried while we were praying over breakfast because Zac was thanking God for the life we have had together and I looked up and there was Brady holding my hand and Trinity was in her daddy's arms. I just feel so blessed that we started off as individuals...found eachother and became part of eachother, and we've had two blessings already and hopefully more to come! Children are a blessing from the Lord and it says so over and over in the Bible. I'm a little tired of people trying to always make it "convenient" or then complaining about how their life has changed after the child has come. In my own life I'm working on not complaining whenever there needs have to come before my own. I prayed for a child...why then complain after God gives you the very gift you wanted? There's my rant....

We decided instead of going to a restaurant like Macaroni Grill or something like that(we usually go for italian and where the entrees are like 15 bucks) instead we would be ourselves and go to a little Mexican joint. We enjoy the food and atmosphere much more and it's usually cheaper and it symbolized where we fell in love. So we went to La Altena downtown and had tortas. Delicious.

Me enjoying the finest fare.

Zac's says to make sure that everyone know that he was wearing layers...thus the "look" of extra weight. He's lost a few lbs and is doing super good. Getting all buff and working out, turns a girl on. :)

We then walked around the aquarium since it was so freezing cold. We have a membership there so it's tons of fun because you can just go in whenever you want and look at maybe just one exibit and be on your way. My favorite part is the jellyfish.

After the aquarium we went to a store that is a Free Trade store and Zac baught me a pair of earrings that I love. I love supporting "the little man" whenever possible and they really do have the coolest stuff. After the store we went to Standard Ink to plan Zac's next tattoo. He's been wanting his family crest on his arm for sometime and we've waited for three years to make sure that he still wants it and to save to get it done. I think we will make an appointment in a few weeks. It's gonna look really nice....above his tattoo of our promise ring, and then under the crest he will eventually have all of our children's names listed.
After THAT we went to rembrandt's coffee house and had coffee and then walked on the walking bridge....it's a half mile bridge that goes over the river and is really pretty at night. We found a bench and sat and talked and kissed and talked. It was lovely. Zac and I had our first kiss there 5 years ago in January so it was tons of fun remembering. Now....all of this only took 3 hours and $39.50 - can you believe it? So fun. The couple that was watching our kids were going to keep them for 5 hours but we really didn't want to stay away from them any longer. I'm glad we got back soon because Trinity didn't eat anything at all. I pumped a bottle for her but I guess she just didn't like. Funny because Zac has given her a bottle twice and she liked it fine but yesterday she did not appreciate that rubber thing being stuck in her mouth. Poor baby.
Sorry about the book everyone.


Payne said...

i'm so GLAD u had a good time...
it sounded like a special time.
love you guys!!

CorleyAunt said...

I LIKE the book! I've been waiting all week for "news"! I may not comment very often, but I do love reading what is going on and what you're thinking! I'm so glad you have a good anniversary. And that "torta" looked delicious! Love to you all,

Aunt Robin

Grammy said...

You GO GIRL! Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us. We LOVED it.

AND you are an A-W-E-S-O-M-E mother and wife! What a gift to our family!!

I love you, Dauther-in-love!

Lindsay said...

That sounds like so much fun! You two are just so cute. I loved the "layers" thing. haha. I didn't know you & Zac have known each other so long. Did you meet in High School? OR before that?

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