Aug 30, 2008


Today was so good. First it started out with the surprise of Zac being able to be home 4 hours earlier then originally planned which resulted in us being able to plan a picnic in Ringgold. We went and grabbed a few picnic items and then headed off to a park that we discovered not long ago. I can't believe that we have lived here for 3 years and didn't know that there was a huge kid's park about 10 minutes from our house. And the best thing about it is there is generally nobody there so we have the whole place to ourselves.

After the park we went searching for a picnic site when we saw these little bitty signs that said "Elsie Nature Trail" with arrows pointing down the road. Well, we drove and drove, followed arrows over traintracks, through neighborhoods, over hills and there we came across another lovely spot that was secluded and perfect for a picnic. It had picnic tables and a swing and slide. In the woods we saw a trail which was so much fun, complete with signs explaining what different trees are...I saw hazelnuts and wild muskidines....woodpeckers and mockingbirds, cedar and was just gorgeous.

The kids enjoyed the swings so much...ecspecially this game where I would pretend to give them a bite of yogurt and then pull the spoon away just as it was about to touch their lips. They just giggled and giggled.

And the last wonderful part of our afternoon was coming across a little produce stand where I found the BEST peaches and apples for much less then you can find them at most stores. The peaches are the size of baseballs, well....almost. It was such a wonderful day of discovering. I've missed walking through woods and seeing nature...I've missed parks. Oh...I ALSO found an adorable thrift store with the cheapest clothes ever and they are all in such good condition and mostly Gap and other name brands. This is a huge blessing for me. We use to be able to go to Signal Mountain where I was able to thrift, buy apples at the local orchard, go for walks on the many nature trails. Zac took a new position coaching and with that my Signal Mountain days are over. God is so good to show me places CLOSE to home that I never knew about. I know it's a gift from Him because I wanted so much to be content and in a small way I feel like He said "here is a desire of your heart Alyssa. Enjoy!" To some a dollar sweater, a bite of peach, and a few mosquito bites on a nature trail might not be anything to write home about...but for me it is pure bliss. I've been flying high all day.


MOM said...

I am so thankful for the lovely day you have had...may there be many more of them in the days ahead.

Grammy said...

@Praise the Lord! Yummy looking peaches and beyond gorgeous family! We've been getting great peaches down here too.

Girly said...

what fun!

Toplov Trio said...

Hey, I am so happy for you. It's the best thing to come away with new discoveries and to be surprised by having your hubby home earlier than expected!

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