Aug 29, 2008

Words from Jewel

~ Live slowly and simply, so that you have the time and space to love deeply and well. Hold your children close, as often as possible. Look deeply into their eyes, speak words of life, love and acceptance, into, and over them. Make it your single aim, to be their very best friend on earth. You will in such a very short time be repaid a thousand-fold. Read to them, draw with them, make play dough, take walks, have picnics, make ice cream, tossle their hair, rub their backs, sit beside them, kiss them, kiss them, as you hold them tenderly, close--throughout every single day. Love them. Nothing will be so precious to you as that love, making it's way in and through, and so sweetly right around back, to you. God's ways are beyond our comprehension, always best, and beautiful. Let Him love all, through you, but especially the most priceless treasure you possess--your gifts. Your tender, impressionable, irreplaceable, sweet children. ~

I found this written on my *friend's* blog (we've never met) Eyes of Wonder. I thought it was so beautifully and well written and my heart's desire that I wanted to share it.


Kaira said...

she's precious.

Grammy said...

They are beautiful! - the baby and the saying. I totally agree with it. AWESOME, Alyssa!

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