Aug 25, 2008

Little Moments Worth Sharing

A beautiful rose finally bloomed in my front yard...i think it's been months since one opened up. It brings me happiness.
Well Zac was away for the last couple of days Brady found his daddy's Dorados soccer jersey and wanted to wear it. This is the first time he's wanted to wear Zac's clothes and it was so stinkin' cute. He slept hugging this shirt for the last two nights...I think someone is very missed around here!

My little sleeping beauty...would you just look at those cheeks?!

After bathtime cuddling in towels about to watch Bible Songs before bed. These two play together all day long...funny how even though they are at totally different levels they still have so much fun together.


Grammy said...

You're right! It is too stinking cute! What a thrill that he loves his daddy so much!

Toplov Trio said...

That picture of the two of them all bundled up in towels is darn cute. Trin has the sweetest little smile too.

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