Aug 13, 2008

Please Pray for Papa

It is very early in the morning here but I felt the need to write and share what happened yesterday with those of you who have prayed faithfully for my dad.

The last Pet scan showed that the cancer was moving aggressively and beyond the mass in his chest, had now entered some of the lymph nodes in the neck and chest. The Doctors felt that removing all of the cancer possible would give dad the best chance of survival and could be followed up by Radiation therapy.

After six and a half hours of surgery the doctors had to stop for fear of losing dad. They had removed all that they could. Part of the tumor had worked it's way into the main veins that supply blood to the heart, and they could not risk removing any more. At that point it was deemed inoperable.

We finally got to see dad at around 11:15 PM and though very weak, he was awake and making wise cracks with his very raspy voice. That's my dad!

The plan is to take it one day at a time and when he is strong enough begin Radiation therapy on the remains of the tumor. The Doctors could not tell us anymore. They were humble and kind. They had worked very hard and we are thankful for their both their competence and compassion!

Overall the prognosis is grim but our God is so big. We trust Him!

We continue to covet your prayers. I will write more when I can.

If everyone who reads my blog could just be in prayer for my whole family right now. Everyone is tired and hurting and just wanting my grandpa to be back to normal.


Cindy Payne said...

we are praying

MOM said...

Thank you for your sensitivity and support, Springy. We love you. That is an awesome photo of your Papa Johnny with Trin Trin.

Toplov Trio said...

Thanks for sharing and we will continue to be in prayer.

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