Aug 17, 2008

Tea..errrr....milk for two!

This afternoon Brady and I had a lovely time baking some "health" cookies as I like to call them. I use a recipe for Cowboy cookies but I make them with whole wheat flour, butter and applesauce, and then we use carob chips instead of chocolate. First time I gave Brady a carob chip and told him what it was he just stared at the morsel forever pondering....I'm sure he thought that was the stranges looking "chip" he had ever seen. get on with my story...
Brady helped me mix everything while Trin played with tupperware. It really has been working out nicely after their nap time to bake with Brady because Trin is usually okay with being left to her own demise for a few minutes. She tries to climb up the cabinets to get to the counter though...I think she feels super left out sometimes. When the cookies were all done baking I told Brady to go sit at the table and I would bring him some warm cookies and milk. I was just about to pour some milk in a sippy cup when I thought about how big he was being today and I thought that he would feel super special if I gave him his drink in a coffee cup. Well, I poured some for me too and went into the dining room and handed him his cup, put mine down at my place and sat down. He just stared at that cup and his whole countenance just lit up. His eyes glowed and he just looked at me and said "Bady's milk?" (He can't pronounce "r's") So I just told him that he was such a big boy he should have his drink in a coffee cup. He just smiled from ear to ear and then started giggling and said "Dis is Bady's! Bady's a big boy!" Then he went on to drink it super carefully using both hands trying his best not to spill. Oh my cup runneth over...he brings me such joy. :)


Grammy said...

Awwww! I miss him so much! How in the world am I ever going to make it til we see y'all again?? I know exactly what you mean about your cup running over.

Oh, by the way, I think you meant to say that Trin was ok left to her own devices instead of demise. Demise means "death".

You are doing SUCH a good job with those little babies!! I never stop singing your praises!

Love you!
Mama C

Toplov Trio said...

That is such a sweet moment. I'm almost looking forward to Jaida talking and saying things like "Dis is Jaida's milk!!" =)

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