Sep 3, 2008

Pleased As a Peach

Today Zac had his LAST class for EMT. He took an exam and made a B so that is great...I guess he was third in his overall score for the whole year! I'm so very proud of him for deciding to better himself and for taking a difficult course and sticking with it...not just sticking with it but trying very hard and applying himself. It's been neat to see him challenged and to also see his appreciation for the whole medical field grow stronger. My parents had a celebratory dinner for him tonight and grilled steaks for all of fun. Anyhoo...I'm very pleased. Sometime in mid September he will have to go take the National Registar test so that he will be a nationally certified EMT.


Grammy said...

YAY!!!! Praise the Lord! At last!! That's done! Congratulations!We're proud of you both. I know Zac had to put forth a lot of work, but so did you. Way to hang in there!

Love you,
Mama C

kate said...

tell zac congratulations from his sister!
i'm very proud of him. it's so strange to think that he now knows a whole heck of a lot of knowledge that most people don't.
what a smarty pants.
i was just looking on the 'corley baby' blog and remembering when you were huge with trinity, and now you're back to being slender and she's walking!! time just zips on by, doesn't it?
almost time to maybe get another bun in that oven?

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