Oct 17, 2008

Apples and Tortillas

It's funny going away together, just the two of us...no little kids to think about. Except, I DO think about them. I'll be trying to just focus on having time with Zac and we catch ourselves saying "wouldn't Brady just love doing this?" It's so much fun to live life through a child..everything so new and amazing. To feel textures through Trini's hands, just by watching her face wrinkle when she touches something rough, or a look of satisfaction as she touches satin to her cheek. Some days I have to stop and remember to feel for myself...to not take things for granted...to remember the wonder of creation. God is such an artist, he's the Artist. Christians should be the most creative...should strive to make life beautiful because of modeling ourselves after Christ. If He is Beauty, then why do we forget to make even the smallest things beautiful ...within our power? I fall into laziness sometimes, thinking about "someday when I have a bigger house I'll pay more attention to this or that." Why not start today with what I have. For the most part I think I do strive to make things more lovely...but there are areas that I could pay more attention to, even areas IN me.

We did have a good time together picking apples and we were able to get 1/2 a bushel. I'll be putting most of it up for pies and then what's left we've been eating. Zac requested apple cobbler tonight so I'll try to make that happen. I just got done making tortillas. They weren't round at all but the flavor was excellent. There's just something about a rainy day that makes me crave homemade tortillas...I think it is the memory of rain on a tin roof, soft smoke curling it's way out of a woodstove chimney, and a mother...fast at work in a kitchen full of good things to eat. Among these things....homemade tortillas and a big pot of pinto beans. Nothing tastes as good to me as this simple fare. Today as I rolled the dough, Brady sat on the counter watching...sneaking a pinch of dough here and there. I almost wanted to cry because once again God has given me something that I longed for...a child that loves to cook with his mama. Hopefully someday, he too, will long for the taste of a homemade tortilla on a rainy day.


Zhenya and Danyelle said...

So nice you guys had a little time to yourselves, even if your thoughts were with the little ones. :) I don't quite have as many apples as you, but we've been given a fair bit and I'm planning on making a few apple crisps for the neighbors and us too. Plus, I've been relishing the taste of a fresh orchard apple everyday.

MOM said...

The one crisp you made looked delightful althoug I did not sample it; I did peek! (That thing about me not doing sugar is all that restrained me!) Those kids of your sure are enjoyig those that you picked so let that be your delight! The children grow so fast...time with them is worth all the enjoyment they bring (and frustrations!).

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