Nov 17, 2008

In Need of Warmth...and Malfunctioning Nostrils

I'm considering thermal underwear. Not because of "fashion" or for the need to look's because I freeze. I freeze so bad I want to cry. It can be 68 degrees in our house...I can be wearing socks, slippers, sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater AND be under a blanket and I'm still so cold. I always tell Zac "My nose is frozen, and my ears are frozen, and my tail is frozen" (a scene from 101 Dalmatians.) All to say that with the coming cold weather, and it does seem to be getting colder everyday, it's time for drastic's time for some warm underclothing. I now understand how come girl's use to wear wool stockings, I strongly recommend them.

On to other things. Trinity has been teething for weeks...the painful drooly, crying all day long, not wanting to sleep...diaper rash kind of teething. Today she seems to be doing some better and I'm very thankful as I'm alone for the next 48 hours. She's been helping me clean the house (as in dumping out things that I can then later clean up) and was super easy to put down for a nap. We had a wonderful time this morning with my friend Emily and her two little kids. We got to go to a play area where only a couple of other kids were there, it was indoors and super cheap...I think this little outing will become a norm for us pretty soon. Kids need to be able to run and play and when it's drizzly outside I feel kind of bad for them...and the end of the day.

I'm super excited about Christmas coming up. I already have most of our gifts bought...not wrapped because I actually enjoy doing that in December with Christmas music and hot chocolate after the kids are in bed. We usually get our tree December 1st (one of our traditions that we made up) and I can't wait to see Brady's reaction this year. Zac is working Thanksgiving so I don't really know what will be going on during that time but I did buy a small turkey just because we always go to someone else's house and hardly ever have leftover turkey...and that's the best part is having leftovers for awhile to make sandwiches and soups.

Baby number three has exhausted me and he/she is only 8 weeks old. I feel a lot better today but smells just totally freak me out and I'm having to eat really small portions and I can barely stomach breakfast. I ACTUALLY bought Gingerale yesterday, and you who know me well no I do not drink soda...not even diet. I've also been craving white bread for the blandness factor and avocado...too bad they're so stinkin' expensive! Well, gotta go. I cleaned out the fridge a little while ago and talk about smells! Now I'm washing cloth diapers...more smells. I leave you with these adorable pictures of my little sunshine. Isn't she just precious?


aubrey payne said...

i can't believe you actually paid money for soda!
once again...congrats on number 3!
so excited for you!

aubrey payne said...

by the way...did you put your palylist in the html or as a gadget?

The Toplovs said...

Oh boy. Let's not start with soda. I try hard to stay away from it, but Zhenya will drink like 2-3 cans a day!!!

That picture of Trin and Zac is real precious. I need more of those closeups with Zhenya and Jaida.

Too bad avocados are so darn expensive cause I like them lots too.

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