Nov 29, 2008


Hello dear sorry it's been forever since I've written. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks....not major things, but little things that have value to those that have gone through the *happenings.*

Trinity has been growing lengthwise but is still so petite that Zac and just laugh at her little body. It's so fun having a little fairy prancing about our house (running madly to and fro) and her little mouth is always blowing, chirping...laughing. I'm very thankful that for at least a few day now she has been relieved from her teething that has been HORRIBLE. She wasn't able to sleep very well, her tummy was upset and her mood not the most upbeat. I don't blame her many of you know I have had a LOT of dental work in my day and I totally understand the uncomfy side of striving to have a mouthful of beautiful pearly whites.

Brayden is such a joy...he's definitely a three year old now instead of a two year old. He is doing so much better at listening and usually I can just talk to him and he understands and follows instruction. He loves to play with trucks and cars...he watches the wheels turn for hours and hours pushing his firetruck through the house, over tables and chairs...on the hardwood, on the laminate, on the if he's watching to see if there are any changes in the movement of the wheels. His mind is always spinning, memorizing. He knows almost every store logo by heart after seeing it once. So, if he sees a Target bag one day and then a week later you are drinking from a cup that has an itty bitty Target emblem on the bottom...he pipes up "it's Target mama. Got that at Target." Sometimes it blows my brain.

Zac is glad to be done with EMT school and has been having more time to do handy jobs around the house. He dug up my AWFUL looking flower garden in the front (always miserable plants trying to survive with a forever forgetful tender that has no time for them.) He dug up the dirt about 2 feet and added top soil and a thick layer of mulch and then put a border up for me. He fixed our gutter, hung up a new porch light...he's repainting my kitchen as I type...a beautiful egg yolk yellow. I think the color will help me considerably as far as giving me sunshine in the winter...I need mood sometimes depends on it especially on gray days.

I'm not really growing yet even though I'm changing. I'm hungry all the time...I had four bowls of soup last night. One at 6 pm with the family, one at 7 pm without the family, another at 8 pm as Zac watched in shock, and still another at 9 pm...Zac asked me at this point "How many of those are you going to eat?" I'm just so hungry. I'm about 10.5 weeks along now and very anxious to be out of this first trimester.

We hung up some Christmas lights on our porch last night and Brady just LOVED it. I can't wait for Monday when we get our tree. I think we will wait until Trini is in bed and just enjoy that time with our Brady. I think Trini would just get in the way...except for her adorable cuteness...and Brady will do excellently since he's really into being a "Big Helper." Oh...another thing Zac fixed was our gas fireplace. We were able to get some new logs for it...which he haggled down the price with home depot 75 bucks from the original price.

And now for my new material goods. I've finally saved enough money from my childcare jobs to order a baby carrier for Trini. I was going to get an Ergo but after reading and reading about the Baby Beco I decided it was the way to go. My friend had a secret sale coupon and so I got it for 50 dollars off the original price and I'm so excited for it to get here. It'll be nice to have with the new baby and nice for Trini for hikes and when I got grocery shopping...she does rather poorly at sitting in the front of the cart. I'm teaching her but it's pretty miserable at the moment. :) Okay...there you have our lives all laid out for you until today and I'll get pictures of all the changes around here soon. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Kaira said...


I always love reading your blog. I've not updated mine in a while but I'll for sure let you know if I decide to go private. I have been on the fence about that for some time and haven't been motivated to get new pics up. I love visiting here and hearing about the goings on with your beautiful family. Have fun putting up that tree tonight :)


The Toplovs said...

Thanks for the family update; sounds like there are lots of steps forward in terms of home projects.

Glad to hear you are actually eating now and gaining an appetite. As long as you eat healthy (you're good at that, not me) then you can eat lots of it.

I look forward to pictures of your home renos as well as this year's Christmas tree.

Cindy said...

I'm laughing thinking Aubrey's first store word was WALMART
and the other kids was FUTURAMA!!

MOM said...

I'm sure Brady is going to have a blast with just you and Zac. He really is a BIG helper...I enjoyed his help tremendously on Thanksgiving.

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