Dec 1, 2008

I Love Christmas!

Is there anything more wonderful then waking up December 1st to snowfall...the first of the season?! I perfect is that?! It totally sets the mood for the holidays to come...I'm a Christmas fanatic. I don't know why except for maybe the wonderful Christmas traditions of mom always created such a happy with good smells and light music. Every year on our way in for Christmas break we would stop at the highest point in the mountains to pick out the best tree the mountains had to offer. Us kids would hold it across our laps all the way tip of the tree going out one window and the end of the tree out the other.

We would decorate our tree with Bing Crosby in the chocolate or some other hot drink and the *special* Christmas candies that were always poured into the same tins year after year. I LOVE Christmas. I hope to make this time of year magical for my family, that they will come to appreciate beauty in simple things...pinecones in a pretty bowl as a centerpiece, a layered bean dip with color so bright...yellow cheeses, bright red tomatoes sprinkled over snowy peaked sour cream. Ahhh....Christmas cookies of all kinds with green and red sugars. I love Christmas. I love loving people and it's a perfect time to surround people in love and beauty. Details...special clipped name tags and bright bows on packages, bright eyes looking at Christmas lights. I love Christmas so much.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

Yummmm! Wish I was there to sample it all!

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