Dec 30, 2008

Sunshine vs Rain

A busy day. A wonderfully busy day with sunshine, warmth streaming in every window. It felt so good...I felt so good. It was like a spring afternoon after weeks of cold and rain, an afternoon where I could just "be" with beautiful music filling the house, good smells coming from the kitchen, a peaceful spirit - how I've missed a peaceful spirit. I don't know why I've been a little under the weather physically and emotionally but I was ready for a change, I was angry with myself for feeling tired in body and in mind. And then today I woke up with a renewed mind and I just told myself "You're going to enjoy the day and do things right." And it was wonderful.

First off I started by making my littles a good breakfast and playing for awhile. Then I cleaned the floors and did deep cleaning in the kitchen, you know...actually cleaning BEHIND the faucet and washing the front of the oven...that kind of stuff. I practiced numbers with Brady and we also did shapes (he knows all of them so I best look up some other good exercises for him) and then I played some more and did laundry. I exercised during their nap and baked bread...after nap we played outside for about a hour when I took these sunshine filled pictures. How I love sunshine.

Brady is learning Genesis 1:1 and it's so funny because tonight when he was reading his Bible he thought every page started out "In the beginning..." he's so cute. Trin stood on step stools unassisted several times today, I'd just turn around and there she would be about a foot taller. A little scary but I tried to control my initial shock and let her have some least she was on carpet.

Tonight I'm going to copy down some recipes in a beautiful recipe binder Zac got me for Christmas...finally I'll have ONE place for all my recipes I use over and over again instead of having piles and piles of unorganized papers and 3X5's. I hope you all have a wonderful New Years, we have no plans except to just be a family...maybe go for a hike if we have some more of this good weather!


Zhenya and Danyelle said...

It's amazing how a little sunshine can do so much to renew one's spirit. Even with all the freezing cold we've had and TONS of snow, my heart sores on the days the sun peaks through. It looks so warm where you are!

Jaida has learned many of her shapes as well. I'm so glad to hear that you're already teaching Brayden bible memorization.

Oh, I bought myself a recipe binder a while back and it's the best thing. I love having all my favorites organized and covered with plastic so I don't get them dirty and smudged. I hope you have fun getting your book in order.

The pictures of the kids are really darling.

Grammy said...

Oh, my word! She looks so much like Brady in this picture!

CorleyAunt said...

I LOVE the way her little hair ends turn up in a perfect little "Patty Duke" flip!

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