Jan 11, 2009

News...read if you want. :)

Let's see....news. First of all my passport got here which I'm VERY relieved about. They said to allow 3 months...I got it in 3 weeks! Next, our camera is about to bite the dust after 3 years of daily use. We're okay with this though since we were already figuring on buying a new, smaller camera. I liked mine but I would rather just having a small one that fits in my purse...seeing how I use my purse as diaper bag as well...it helps with the weight issue. (: All of our pictures are coming out blurry and our Kodak is getting very slow and for someone like myself who LOVES taking pictures and playing around with photography...I've been sad that I haven't been able to capture a lot of good moments with the kiddos. Also...notice the absence of pregnancy pictures this time around....not only do I forget to take them, they always come out super dark and blurry. Not much to tell yet though since most people can't tell that I have a belly yet.

Zac is working today and I've been going through toys and packing some in a container that fits under Brady's bed...basically ones that have a lot of pieces that get strewn throughout the house on a daily basis. I think it will be nice having them organized that way I can rotate toys and they won't get bored with the ones they have. Might I say that I hate it that kids get bored with their toys...I guess we all do. I've also been working on Zac and I's room...making good progress there. I found a beautiful curtain at Ross in a huge clearance bin that was only 99 cents and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. A chocolate brown drape that goes all the way to the floor that has a sheen to it. It wasn't in the original packaging so they had it in a big Ziploc with the 99 cent sticker on it...I was most pleased seeing how these usually around 20 dollars. The I took some old framed photos of ours and instead of reframing them I took the white mats out and used a dollar water color set and just painted the mats a citrus green color. Much better.

I'm still waiting to make pillows for the bed and I would like to find an inexpensive plush rug for the floor. Basically I'm trying to make our room look like a room instead of the area all the junk gets thrown into. Sometimes this is kind of hard since everyone walks through our room (you have to go through our bedroom to get to the bathroom or Brady's room) so it is a convenient location just to throw stuff on the bed. But...we need it to look nice and relaxing so I'm working on it.

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Lessle said...

sounds excting with all the changes sorry about your camera

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