Feb 4, 2009

Oh...2 more things

Here's my latest Pj creation for Brady...made them today out of super warm fleece.
And here is me at 19 weeks...I just got done working out...thus the disheveled look.


kate said...

holy cow! another 2 weeks makes even MORE of a difference! i commented on your facebook preggo pics that there's a big poochy difference between 15 & 17 weeks - and even MORE between 17 and 19! pretty soon you won't be able to see your toes!
but you're still looking slim & trim elsewhere :-)

Zhenya and Danyelle said...

Okay, now I DO believe you that you somehow just popped right out. Funny how it happens so fast, but at least now people can tell you're pregnant and not just speculate.

Love the soccer pj's you made for Brayden; now Trin needs some girly ones. :)

Lessle said...

it's great getting to see the belly and the pj's are adorable i'm excited for another nephew i just love brady well i love trini too but it's so exciting this miracle work happening inside us... :)

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