Feb 4, 2009


So my picture taking hasn't been up to speed here lately...have I mentioned how much I long for warm weather? I'm just tired of my same indoor pictures and I can't wait for photos full of light and green things. I'm so excited about summer this year, clothes on the line...perhaps the start of another small garden(hopefully this one will work this year), a new baby to love and feel in my arms....so many good things. My garden this year is going to take place in garden boxes instead of me digging through feet of clay...we just have the worst soil in our back yard. I think boxes are the answer.
It's been so wonderful today being able to say "him" when referring to the baby. I love telling Tristan that he's getting big instead of saying "gosh you feel so large, child whoever you are." Yesterday I was have quite a bit of back pain...especially my little sciatic nerve. I've had a problem with that ever since carrying Brady and it just seems to intensify the large the belly gets. I know you all don't believe me but my belly really is quite large right now. Just this last week it totally popped out and people have been taking notice, let me tell ya. I will try to get an "accurate" shot of my mass sometime here soon. At my doctor's appointment yesterday I had gained FIVE lbs since my last visit for a total of 13 lbs. Much more then ever before...I blame it and everything else undesirable in life on the cold weather. What's a girl to do....go walking in the arctic. Okay...so 30 degrees isn't quite the arctic but with the wind...no thank you. I'd rather grow round and enjoy my comfy brown couch for the moment. When spring comes I'll be out there walking laps around the rest of the family...just you wait.

Trin is growing more and more girly every day. She loves to watch me do my make up and giggles when I dust her eyelids with shadow. She especially loves the blush brush...I think it tickles her already rosy cheeks. She does NOT like for people to take her toys and is very adamant that they will not get by with such a deed. She screams on the top of her lungs and starts walking backwards all tight lipped until she runs into a wall or some other hard object...usually resulting in her falling over and then blaming whoever is in the room at the time...as if they pushed her. My oh my...it's always something.

Brayden is having spasms of maturity where one day I think he is five and then the next day I think him 2 again. I think it's just the 3's but I LOVE his growing vocabulary and how he tries to get his point across with whatever words he can think of. Like if we are going out somewhere he'll say "A go to Target, help mama....Brady walk....not Trini. Trini sit in da buggy." He's talking and singing constantly. Speaking of singing....is there anything more precious then a little kids singing along with the radio...I mean, really? It's so darn cute...I wish I could record it somehow.

Isn't it awful that this picture is blurry?! I had the camera set on the wrong setting and she even has the infamous "Trini smirk." Such a squirrel.
Oh...and I have no idea what we'll nickname Tristan but I'm sure it will come after meeting him...just like with the other too. Zac has been calling him "Mr. T" which I think is hilarious. I have a habit of nicknaming the kids after animals so who knows...he could be toad, monkey, anything really. I'm so excited about Tristan...he has a hard little kick already, just like Brayden did. I just can't stand not knowing what he'll look like...guess we'll find out in 20 weeks.
Oh, and speaking of weeks.....Only 5 days till we take off to Atlanta and then on the 11th we'll be headed to Puerto Vallarta and all it's sunshine goodness....food and more food, drinks and more drinks (virgin for mine), relaxation and more relaxation. So, I raise my glass of water to you all tonight and say "Here's to sleeping in, here's to massages on the beach...here's to you Ben...for getting married at exactly the right time."

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Zhenya and Danyelle said...

Good that you actually keep up your appearance; can't remember the last time I made an effort to put makeup on. I think Jaida would love it if she could be inculded in this type of routine.

I agree that if it was not for windy, snow-laden sidewalks, I too would be out doing laps. Mind you, slowly! I'm so eager for summer.

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