Feb 8, 2009

Today has been so nice. Zac did someone a favor last night at the fire department so in return they treated our family to a free lunch at their restaurant this afternoon! It was tons of fun just walking in...sitting where we wanted....helping ourselves...and then just leaving! The kids really enjoyed the chocolate pie to be sure. Afterwards we went on a walk around Lowes where Brady exclaimed over all the "pottys" and ceiling fans - he gets it honestly since I am crazy about home improvement stores. Then we played outside for awhile, just enjoying our time together as a family.

I'm doing wash and getting things packed to drop the kids off Tuesday morning. Tomorrow we have to take our trash to the dump, get groceries, clean...so I'm getting a headstart. I checked the forecast for Puerto Vallarta and am so excited to tell you that the high is 82 degrees everyday we are there....lows in the low 60's. I'm SOOO excited! So...will write more when we get pack and hopefully have tons of sunny pictures to share. :) Good bye for a week!

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