Mar 3, 2009

March is Here...and Still Cold

This is the way Zac found squirrel the other day...too cute. It almost makes me not mind doing the laundry if someone as sweet as this is hanging out in the hamper.

More and more things to do...I've been busy changing the kids rooms. I've now successfully moved Brady to the back little room/nook and Trini into Brady's old room. i think if I would have been aware of what a chore it was going to be....I would have just possibly skipped over the idea in my head. It was pretty exhausting but I'm glad with the results....a bigger baby nursery with close access to our bathroom (good for cloth diapering) and also it just makes sense as Trin has more furniture with the rocking chair, crib, and changing table. Plus there's all the little stuff....diaper champ, toy basket, that stuff. Brady loves his new room, I think he feels like a big boy being so far away from our room. However, i have to make new curtains for Trin's room but that will be on hold for quite awhile as I haven't found the material that I like yet AND I don't have the means to get it. Well, I do have the *means* I guess but it isn't really a neccessity at the moment and so many other things are.

Today Zac is heading into work and my goal for the day is to be thankful...just pure 100% thankful. Sometimes it's harder then it seems....I'm going through a few little internal "issues" that I may write about later since I know you are all just DYING to know my innermost secrets and thoughts. :)

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The Toplovs said...

Ah, I too am learning about being thankful. I think when sickness strikes it's a great way to start thinking about all the things I ought to be thankful for (such as previous good health).

Still cold here too, but we can be THANKFUL that spring is just around the corner. :)

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