Mar 16, 2009

Rainy Days

Rain and more rain. Clouds and more clouds...gray clouds, dark sky, soggy grass - soaked earth. Candlelight and piano music, oatmeal cinnamon cookies....bubbling pot of chicken noodle soup. Sweetness .... long playful days. Relaxing in our little home, drinking creamy cups of coffee and playing endless games of hide and go seek. Sweetness.

Being a big helper in a blue apron - licking the bowl, the spoon, the spatula and THEN eating two cookies all by himself. Sugar high little boy, happy little boy....chocolate covered little boy.

Little girl room with vintage curtains ( 3 panels for 3 dollars at our thrift store.)

Happy little girl, curly locks surrounding rosy cheeks. Playing, playing quietly...playing sweetly in daddy's soccer gear...loving alone time, loving new feelings and new colors.

Clean cozy room. Wanting to snuggle down with a good book....spending my day wrapped up in another world, yet not wanting to leave mine.

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