Apr 24, 2009


Beauty....I think about it a lot. Mostly I think about it now days because I want to be able to teach Trinity what she needs to long for and strive after as a woman of God. I don't think I pray enough for my children...sometimes I forget that I can pray for specific things for their lives...starting now. Not just "make her a Godly woman" but I can describe to God what I long for in even more detail "make her a lady that longs to be feminine....that loves cooking and handcrafts...that sees the value in those things. Make her have a smile on her face....a gentle spirit that loves everyone and everything from the cute caterpillar in our garden to the homeless man under the bridge." I forget that I can start this NOW and I need to. When I look at Trin I see a beautiful innocent child...untouched by the world and it's ugliness and sometimes it makes me want to hide her away. But I can't keep her to myself....because she will bring loveliness to her surroundings - others will need her and God will use her. She's so delightful...thank you God for bringing her into our lives.

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The Toplovs said...

I know it's very easy for me to forget that praying for my children is just as important as caring for their physical needs. God is such a detailed, specific God that He delights in our prayers for them, even down to the smallest detail.

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