Apr 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun....yah!

Wanna know how to get your kids to sleep? It's called physical activity ALL DAY LONG! Ahh summer...I love you so. :)

Doesn't she have the most pokeable belly?
Brady loves his kiddie pool so much more this year then last year. He would take flying leaps into the pool this afternoon, all boy. Speaking of all boy, I was super proud yesterday when I was working in the garden and spotted a caterpillar. " Brady" I call "wanna see a bug?" "Oh yah mom...what is it?" he calls as he runs towards me. "It's a caterpillar...isn't it cool?!" I say all dramatically...trying to coax him in to grabbing it. No coaxing needed...before I even had the words out of my mouth he had the little squirmy thing between his thumb and index finger...inspecting him all over. I'm so glad he's a REAL boy. Earlier today he was digging for earthworms, it was the best.

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MOM said...

No better time to pray for your kids than while they are little. We didn't know the sex of our children before they were born but I remember praying for some specifics for them while still in the womb. God has answered many of my prayers for each one...I am especially thankful for all of my children being children of GOD...I thank Him for allowing us to care for them as small children...and the hope He gives me for them as adults. There is no greater joy for a parent than to witness their children walk with Him.

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