May 5, 2009's May?!

Ahhhh....summer time. Okay, so not QUITE summer but it's feeling more that way. The weather is warm and I've finally begun to plant flowers about my house, hang clothes on the line (I've had several sprints to the backyard when unplanned spring showers just pop out of no where) and ice creams cones have begun to be a reoccurring treat almost daily. *small rabbit trail* - Do you realize how much cheaper it is to buy a 1/2 gallon of ice cream (store brand) and a box of cones then it is to actually go out for ice cream? And....a side benefit besides the money leftover in your wallet is that with those little bitty cones I end up eating less then I would if I scooped it into a bowl...and they are SOO much more fun in a cone. :)
The above picture is Brady on his *motorcycle.* My grandparents had this exercise machine and it's very difficult to use and you don't get a whole bunch of results using they gave it to my parents who gave it to us...and after not ever using it...we bequeathed it to Brady. He plays on it everyday. :) Brady only has a couple of toys that he actually plays with...his trucks. Trini too...they just don't play with toys. An old vitamin bottle tickles her pink and keeps her busy all day, so for now I'm most pleased with the absence of "stuff" that DOESN'T clutter their room (or our house.)
My deal of the day today at CVS...I got two boxes of Kellogg's cereal, a box of Nutrigrain bars, 2 packages of Trident gum and a thing of Ricola cough drops for 69 cents out of pocket. Oh it felt so good. :) AND I got 5 extra care bucks back so I actually MADE money. This is getting most addictive - tis'a good addiction though.
Zac and I are still striving to be debt free but it's taking some work. Not only debt free but to have savings goals as far as for long term and we are trying to save an emergency fund. On Friday we begin only paying for things in cash. I'll miss my rewards that I get when I use my credit card but I do think we will spend much less...and hey...yard sale season is just around the corner!
We joined a gym! That's our biggest news yet. Because of Zac's knees and the doctor REALLY recommending him not running anymore he really had no other way to get good cardio exercise. Plus, with soccer being taken away from him we found it very important for him to be able to get involved in something right away to keep his spirits up and his weight down. I've LOVED it too because I've been able to exercise FINALLY in my pregnancy and the kids have a very clean nursery with the sweetest sitters. That honestly was the part that kept me from joining a gym all along is that I was concerned about leaving them with anyone but these ladies are in their late 50's and the room is very open to where you can see what's going's very clean because our gym is actually owned by a hospital. Today I was told that Brady is the best little boy and that Trini is the sweetest little see...perks for me. Get exercised up and encouraged up in one hour. :) Oh...and I get to shower there TOOOOOO!!!!!!


Grammy said...

GREAT!!! I know you'll love it and make the most of it, too! I'm so happy for you to be able to go to the gym!

The Toplovs said...

I'm laughing thinking of you over 9months pregnant and "sprinting" to the clothesline. :)

I like your idea of saving money in buying your own cones and icecream, but somehow for me it's just not as exciting as going out for one. I enjoy walking down to the corner store and sharing a kiddie cone with Jaida.

I am terribly jealous of all the things you managed to acquire for $.69. I wish Canada had something like that and maybe they do in the larger cities.

I am so excited that you joined a gym. It's a great way for you to work out and have some away time from the kids. I'm a bit nervous to take Ezra in the nursery so young with all the illnesses kids can carry, but I'm eager to get back to it full throttle.

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