May 20, 2009

Only a Year

I can't believe that it's been LESS then a year since this picture was taken and just look at the size of my kids. Trinity was the size of a baby doll....and Brady still had that very "toddlerish" look. I forget sometimes that my kids were this size and looking back....I realize sometimes I just don't cherish the moment as I should. I'm very prone to getting so involved with the big things(that are actually so small) that I forget what life is about - glorifying God and worshiping Him forever. It's worship to look at your child and just thrill at their smile. It's worship to have your eyes mist when you see beauty (sunlight hitting little silky heads) or the smell of a kitchen after baking. It's worship because God created these little bodies, these littles that are so perfectly put together by the Creator and taking pleasure in ANY of His creation brings Him happiness.
I have the loveliest view from where I'm typing today. Green grass...a smidgen too long...spotted with clovers and little purple flowers. Sunshine baking my morning wash....the little dresses and blankets on the line are swaying from the afternoon breeze, ready to be unpinned and folded - only to be used over again tomorrow. :) Birds are feasting on the sunflowers seeds that were placed lovingly for them by two little sets of dimpled hands, Brady and Trins. My how they love the birds! I feel so blessed to have cardinals and robins, blue jays and so many others that I haven't learned their names. Brady has memorized most of them and every morning at breakfast we watch from the window, waiting for our little friends to start their morning songs. My little finch from the last two years hasn't shown up yet....must not be time yet.
My good friend Joy came over this morning with her sweet little baby boy and Brady's playmate Lulu. Holding that baby I just began to long to meet Tristan. Ezra is the size and shape of Brady when he was a baby and so very soft. Holding him reminded me of Brady and I began feeling very impatient with the 5 weeks (or more that I have left.) Then I started thinking of all the projects I would like to finish before baby and some of that "longing" just drifted away. :)
I hope each of you has a wonderful sun filled day. If you were here I'd offer you a sugar cookie fresh from the oven and a cup of coffee, but unfortunately I'll have to enjoy them alone. So long for now.....


MOM said...

How serene...ther simple pleasures of life that GOD so graciously gifts us with.

The Toplovs said...

Sure wish I could enjoy a sugar cookie with you and your kids as well.

Your friend Joy is only the second person I've heard name their child Ezra. We actually liked the name from a family in California who had a boy named Ezra. I can't wait to see how much he weighs; I'm sure it's WAY more than Jaida did at this age. He's a BIG boy.

I'm heading outside to enjoy the sunshine as well.

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