May 15, 2009

Target Deal

Let me just start this post by gloating BIG time. I got all of this...all 26 dollars worth - for $6.04. Need I say more? Yes...I probably should. The quaker bars usually cost $2.54, each salad dressing and mayo are all over $2.00 apiece, the Ritz crackers were on sale for $2.14, the trial size sunblock is usually a dollar, the 100 calorie Nabisco cookies close to 3 bucks normally....yah, I really scored. I think I had like 15 coupons today to use today so it was super fun even though some of the things I had hoped to get were already gone or a different price in store then what they were posted online.

1 comment:

MOM said...

Way to go, Girlie!!!
I'd like to say your a chip off the ol' block, but I am not that thrifty.

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