May 15, 2009

Things (and people) That Bring Me Happiness

Fresh flowers picked by friends and loved ones. The daisies are from Havala and the magnolia and roses from mom and dad's yard. The other day I went to go visit them and when I drove up they were in their yard putting together a bouquet for me - how precious. :)
Sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. What makes it even more perfect is that the sheets on my bed were freshly washed and dried and the bed remade by 10 am. Yah!

These are the most perfectly tart and crisp green apples. Placing them in a wooden bowl is like art - I love seeing the contrast of the bright green with the chocolate brown.

Happy chocolate covered children...licking out the bowl while waiting for brownies to bake!


Zhenya and Danyelle said...

It's nice to read that you can take joy in the simple things of life and in great deals (like at Target). Even with coupons I find the name brand stuff is never cheaper than no name brands.

I'm impressed that you at least make an effort to have your bed made. I'm horrible at that.

MOM said...

I like how you can enjoy the simple things in life and are teaching your children to do so.
They look adorable with chocolate on their faces...

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