May 15, 2009


My title says everything. Life is full of stresses...some bigger then others...but what is making our circumstance SO stressful is that it has to do with mortgages, banks, fill lines....things that we have never gone through before. For awhile now Zac and I have been going through some land issues with our neighbors. Basically when we bought our house we were suppose to have documented that we have a shared driveway...the lawyers at the closing didn't catch that the proper papers weren't included or they just didn't care. Next, our property had been surveyed wrongly so when our neighbors put a trailor on what they thought was their land...we later found out it was ours. So, we have been going through this headache now for over a year...trying to get everything straightened out and staying sane at the same time. On top of all of this, we are trying our best to become debt free and things just keep breaking!
The newest development is that our fill line needs pumped...possibly replaced....and soon. Also, the glass window on our door has been cracked since we bought the place but I almost put my elbow through it the other day, sending little pieces of glass all over our living room carpet. We have it taped up for now but it's not safe for our kids so we really need to replace the door. Our lawn mower broke...anyways, just "stuff" but after awhile it feels like so much more. On top of all of this is just being pregnant and trying not to worry about the future...about selling our house in the future or replacing the windows in our house....replacing our shower.....just stuff and more stuff!!! So, if all of you who love us could just really hold up these concerns of ours to God, we know that He has a plan and that He will provide. However, when you're in the midst of one crisis after another sometimes it gets hard to believe in your heart what you know in your head.


MOM said...

You hang in there! I was ince told trouble comes in threes...I'm not convinced. But I am convinced that nothing happens without the Lord knowing about it and He is always on our side. The land issue, broken doors, and all the other things will be taken care of. Know I do pray for you and Zac daily.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this would work for you but we have doors with many glass panels and with 4 little boys we've had more than one broken one. I don't think the repair has ever cost more than $5 for a piece of glass cut to size at a local hardware store and a little glazing (I think that is what it is called). The wood pieces around the glass come out easily and they just get put right back in. I think glass doors are mostly always able to be repaired without being replaced - thankfully. We'd be in trouble if it were not so. :)

Hang in there.

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