Jun 4, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Zac and I had a yard sale this past Friday and Saturday and it went GREAT! Usually our yard sales don't turn out so snazzy, but this time I feel like God just really worked it out for us to sell some stuff so that we could get a few things done around here with the extra cash. I also was able to sell our couch on Craigslist...oh, and our small patio set that we never sat on. I loved the table to the set but the chairs were kind of flimsy and we normally just sit on the porch. Someday I would like one of the sets with an umbrella...or maybe even just a picnic table for nights when we grill.
Our couch was super nice when we bought it and very comfy but over the years the ends would give you kind of a "sinking" feeling when you reclined the couch. Anyways, both of us have been extremely uncomfortable on it for the last year but felt kind of bad about getting rid of it since we did pay more for that couch then any other piece of furniture ever. Well, I was able to sell it to a nice young couple who came and picked it up with a U Haul the day before our yard sale, and then I just stuck the cash in a jar and started looking at thrift stores and on Craigslist...with no luck. So, after several days of sitting on our one chair and worrying about our decision to go couchless...I just prayed and asked God to send along the perfect couch with the perfect price.
I was teaching at VBS and Zac called me and said that he had been down at a used furniture store and there was a couch and loveseat outside in pretty nice condition. So, on my way home I stopped by....checked out the furniture (sat on it and so forth) and then went in a paid the guys for it...oh, and they have FREE delivery. Now, before these pictures you would have seen TONS of dog and cat hair all over them but we went to Wal Mart and bought one of those Pledge animal hair remover things and went to town on these couches. We took all the cushions covers off and sprayed them with Shout and then washed them in color safe bleach. Then we also got some of that Clorox Anywhere for fabric spray and soaked the cushions with it, trying to get rid of any dust mites and allergens. Thankfully the couches didn't have a bad smell.

Anyways, we worked on them for 2 days and they came out beautifully. They are comfy too and I think I even like the colors. If I find that they just kind of stay dirty I might look for slipcovers. The best part about this?! They only charged us $35.00 for the set....so we had enough money leftover to also get our carpet and area rug shampooed. Isn't that the coolest ever?!


Cindy said...
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Grammy said...

They are GORGEOUS! Congrats!

MOM said...

WAY COOL!!! Go Corleys Go!

The Toplovs said...

The colors are neutral, which is great for matching with other things.

Isn't God so good in how He wants to bless us in the small details? I think you'll have to pay more for slipcovers than for the couches themselves. :)

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