Jun 14, 2009

Family Photo

Our friend Tim Rhudy did a maternity photoshoot for me a couple of weeks ago...what a special gift! I can't wait to see all the pictures edited...so far I just have a couple. He's very busy with editing different weddings so as soon as I get more of the family pictures I'll e mail them out to family and friends. By that time though they won't be our WHOLE family...well, it will be it's just that Tristan will be in utero in all of them. :)

I just keep hoping that any moment my water will break and we'll be rushing to the hospital...and that things will go super quickly. Pray for us these last couple of weeks as I'm feeling physically drained and Zac is working extra hard around the house and with the kids...he's such and encouragement to me.

Oh...funny little thing that Brady said to me. The other day Zac was out in the hot sun painting our cement walkway outside. I decided while I was out grocery shopping with the kids to pick him up one of those new peach milkshakes at Chic-fil-a. Brady wanted to know what I was buying so I told him and that was the end of the conversation. A couple days later we were in the van and he said to me "Mom, we go get a milk peach shaker?!"


CorleyAunt said...

I think this is the BEST family picture ya'll have ever had taken! Every one of you looks natural and happy rather than "posed"! This one goes on the wall!

Grammy said...

I LOVE this pic! I copied it to my thumb drive and took it to Wal-Mart to have a pretty 4 x 6 of it. I can hardly wait to see the other pics Tim took.

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