Jun 9, 2009


My children are obsessed with Daddy. They are even more obsessed with Daddy's fire station. Brady loves firetrucks to the fullest...he dreams about them all day long, talks to us about them, makes up stories about them. He says when he is a big man like daddy he'll ride on the firetruck. :) His other new thing is that he has declared that he wants a mustang. I told him that that was fine but he would need to wait until he was very big and could afford it. So...now everyday he asks me if he is a big man yet and can he have a pink mustang. I don't know why he chose pink since I don't think I've even really ever heard him say that word until I asked him what color car he wanted - so very odd. Anyways, if any of you yardsalers out there were to find a little kid fire helmet PLEASE purchase it so I can reimburse you. They're pretty expensive new but I think my little fella would get hours of imaginary fun from one.

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CorleyAunt said...

I can't BELIEVE they are that big!!!! And only two more weeks til Tristan! Sure am looking forward to the new little guy but not NEARLY as much as you are! Love you all...smooches to everyone including you and Zac-Rac!

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