Aug 21, 2009


Psalm 112:4

Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous.

Today was pretty good all in all. Pretty long...but nice. I guess my post a few days ago might have been speaking too soon since Brady seems to be having a pretty hard time the last couple of days. We did have fun though spending time together all day since Zac is at work. I found some preschool type worksheets that Brady and I are doing together and he's very good at it. One page had 6 letters at the top and he was suppose to circle all of the "b" letters, upper and lower case, and he got them all right and even did a good job making a circle around them. He also did really well writing the upper case b.

We made muffins using Stevia and I felt there was much to be desired. The kids, however, LOVED them so I guess that's good. Trinity just finished eating a whole handful of almonds and a plateful of beans....her eating habits crack me up. She just likes the strangest things (not that beans are strange) but then other foods that might be "normal" she hates. She had 3 successful runs to the potty today so I am greatly encouraged. I was greatly DISCOURAGED a couple of days ago with the whole thing and then I remembered in my quiet time "oh yah, you can pray about this." Funny how I quickly forget that God actually cares about the little/big stuff in my life and then when I just trust Him with it either there is success in that certain area or I just handle the situation better.

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MOM said...

I saved a picture of Brayden at about the same age as Trin is here. I love those of them looking out the window and would love to know what they were thinking.

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