Aug 21, 2009


Granny Grace and Tristan
So, I was so busy I hardly took any pictures of my grandparents visit - I'm VERY glad I got pictures of Trin and Brady with Papa John last winter since I totally forgot to take one of him with them this time....oops. I feel terrible too since grandpa did so much for us while he was here. He worked in the yard quite a bit, had fun hopping around to the different produce stands around and bringing home pounds of peaches...he bought both the kids a new pair of shoes, played the tickeling game with them and wrestled with them like he use to with me. :)

Granny Grace was a highlight with the kids too since she is so good at listening to them. They loved their time with her coloring and her singing them a funny song...wish I knew the words. The second picture up top is of my great grandmother holding Tristan (duh) . Not many people these days have a great great grandmother, and such a healthy one at that. I loved getting to have Granny Windham in my home for the first time in all my married years. :)

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Tim said...

What great pics! Thanks for capturing some while the GREAT Grand Parents were there.

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