Aug 25, 2009

A New Morning

Another day has begun here in Georgia...much to early. For some unknown reason I wasn't able to sleep very well and so at 5:45 am I just decided to start my day. It was a good thought...probably one given to me by Him...since I forget that I need quiet time, time alone without anyone else's voice except His. The mornings feel "simple" when everything is so quiet...little ones tucked into their beds all safe and warm, just the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee and it's constant drip...telling me to pour myself yet another cup. :)

This morning I read a verse that I had never seen before. Funny how you can read the Bible over and over and every time you can find some new thought or verse that you had never noticed before. Most of the time they are perfect for what you're going through at that moment - it's Him. I use to think that listening to God would be like "BAM!!!!" but here lately I'm learning it's more like a whisper and a nudge instead of a loud voice and a slap on the wrist. God's grace...forever extended to me and my shortcomings. God's arms there every morning to reach out to me , His whispers to encourage my heart.

Psalm 116:1-2

1 I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy

2 Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.

Today I want to remember to speak to Him, to hold in my head and my heart the vision of him bending down like a Father to a child to lovingly hear and take pleasure in my questions - no matter how "out of line" they may seem. I want to picture Him laughing and taking pleasure in my musings, gently showing me a better way to handle things. What a wonderful thing to know that HE hears MY voice....this one little voice in rural Georgia...amongst all the shouting voices of big and lofty places. He is everywhere and today he will be in my home as I go from task to task....He'll be in the yard as the children play, watching over them and protecting them, He'll be in Zac's heart and mind showing Him how to love life and how to make decisions patiently. God is good to us. Today I will pray.


The Toplovs said...

Isn't it so exciting when God speaks to us through His word. I rejoice with you as you delight in these verses.

Ramdom here, but you asked how old Ezra is now. He'll be 5 months on Sept. 2. If I had a clock to stop time, I would. He is such a delight.

CorleyAunt said...

It is a great comfort to me that no matter what my parental background, heritage or experience, God is the PERFECT Father without the faults, inexperience or shortcomings of earthly fathers. He will NEVER be impatient, unkind, or authoritarian with us just because we're irritating Him...He'll never smack us just because we don't measure up to a warped concept of how "children" should or should not behave...He loves us too much. His perfect love makes me want to love Him and show Him I love Him with every breath I breathe...the perfect father. So I rejoice with you in this verse!

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