Aug 24, 2009

Park Time

Yesterday we were SUPPOSE to be at church - but instead we went to the park. :) Let's just say the kids needed to and afterwards I was happy that we skipped since most of the nursery kids had runny noses (or so I heard. )
It was perfect weather and I was actually cold!!! Yesterday was a high of 83 here so we got lots of time outside. One downfall was the fact that i really wanted a fire and to roast marshmallows...but, alas, evil sugar. So instead we cleaned out the shed and sorted through baby clothes to see what of Brady's old stuff would work for Tristan now. :)

Little miss Trin. How cute is her outfit...little workout capris and matching hoodie. I found these in the summer markdown stuff at our consignment shop and I got the whole thing for a buck. I figure since it doesn't really get super cold around here until late October it will be perfect for the fall. Her shoes are ones that her Papa John picked up at Wal Mart while was "out" at 5 am in the morning. :) He rises super early.

This picture is here just to show off her ponytail. :)

After some hard playing we all took a walk and had a banana. I think it's funny how just Tristan's little feet are hanging out. If you haven't heard of a Becco baby carrier these things are the greatest...basically just like a Ergo. When Tristan get's a little bigger we'll carry him on our backs with it...we've used it to carry Trini on our backs and it's so comfortable.


MOM said...

How funny! I love the little feet hanging.
It osunds like ya'll had a great time as a family. We all need the special moments every now and then regardless of what everyone else is doing.

The Toplovs said...

Sometimes family time is more important than making sure you get to church every Sunday. Glad to hear you had a super great day (weather wise and family bonding).

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