Aug 8, 2009

Still in love with our little fella....he's SUCH a good baby. I've been very blessed (knock on wood) with happy babies. Basically the only time I hear a cry is when he's hungry so that's good and normal. The whole family has terrible allergies right now, including Tristan. He's been all stuffed up and spitting up nastiness...besides getting it all over my clothes I see this as a good thing because at least it's draining.
Look how big he is!!! I have no idea how much he weighs but last time at WIC (over two weeks ago) he was 10lbs 90z. So...I'm guessing maybe around 12 lbs?

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The Toplovs said...

Good neck control, Tristan! He looks like he is growing mightily fine in that full body picture. I think he's almost catching up to Ezra. :)

How did your garage sale go? Didn't you just have one not that long ago?

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