Aug 6, 2009

First year together

So I came across some LOST photos of us from our first year married. Oh my gosh the memories...and look at how hot Zac looked during recruit school!

Our first valentines day...hilarious!

Up on Signal Mountain when he first started coaching....I was 4 weeks preggers with Brady. Gosh...I just can't believe how much time has gone by and how different everything is now. It's fun looking back and remembering.


The Toplovs said...

I'm sure you've been told this lots, but I love your hair in that V-day picture with Zac. Ever thought of cutting it again?

I also love looking back at pictures of when Zhenya and I were dating/first married. I didn't think I was skinny then, but compared to now I looked great. :)I'll have to dig out some classics of us. THanks for the inspiration.

The Esparza Family said...

That's so fun to look at old pictures! I love it! :)

Tim said...

You guys are gorgeous and now have gorgeous little Corleys with hints of Roberts characteristics...hey, maybe some Toole in there too:>

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