Oct 11, 2009

A Good Day Given To Me

There are few things in life better than a fire on a chilly autumn day. Zac and I were wandering around our house aimlessly all day yesterday until finally I said "WHAT CAN WE DO?" He suggested a fire...I instantly saw tin cups steaming with cocoa and little kids collecting sticks and twigs. Zac really does have a super creative brain as far as what to do for fun. I'm more practical...I know how to keep the little ones busy during the day and how to keep things going from one thing to the next. I have a hard time coming up with super creative things to do though. For instance, the other day I went grocery shopping and when I came home there was a treasure map on the table and two little faces smiling at me saying "let's go get the treasure." While I had been gone Zac had found a little cardboard box and had buried in in the yard and then came in and drew a treasure map of our front yard...it was drawn with a crayon. :)
The kids took me straight to the place where two sticks had been layed in a "X" and we began to dig. We found the treasure with all of it's fake bead goodness and the kids were SO excited. We found Trin's little "pancho" from last winter that Grammy had made and she was SO proud of it. :) As soon as I put it on her she promptly stated "I go show Daddy." She always knows who to go to for a compliment. I think it's so sweet how secure she is in her daddy's love, how precious when he comes home in the morning that she runs to him screaming "daddyyyyyyyy" on the top of her lungs. I know someday she will find a wonderful husband because she is loved by Zac in such a sweet tender way...she won't ever take less - we'll see to that. :)

Brady is so dazed by fires. He LOVES them. I'm happy though that he respects a fire...doesn't get to close and he knows that matches are only for adults. He's like that with a lot of things....loves cars and trucks but doesn't really want to ride in ones that make lots of noise. He loves fire but he always stays at a distance unless Zac is there with him.

I love his dazed expression here with the chocolate streaming down his face. His hot chocolate was actually warmed chocolate soy milk....it's really not that good but he thinks it's great. He's still off of dairy so I come up with what I can so that he will still have *specialness.*

Why let the marshmallows melt when you can just dig them out? :) Kid's are just hilariously to the point...adults WANT to dig them out but wouldn't dare do so in public. Kid's just do what they think with no reserve. That's why I'm very picky with what I teach my kids as far as describing people...I don't like it when kids just bluntly tell you what you are...fat, skinny, ugly. My kids have never even heard the word "fat" come out of my mouth...not even speaking about animals. Even when noticing someone's race I always just say "that's a man" not "that's a black man." I don't want them to see the color first...they just need to know that it's a man. All people are beautifully and wonderfully made by Him...I don't think we should label.
Today has been full. Zac is at work and we have been busy sewing throw pillows (it felt SO good to get my machine out today after months and months of not sewing), we made a batch of pumpkin muffins...we did some spelling using stickers to form words....we threaded cheerios on yarn (I didn't have any beads), we played together....ate delicious chicken noodle soup with quesadillas...watched Charlotte's Web together. It was a good day. AND I finished another one of my Christmas goodies...can't wait to show you all pictures but those will have to wait until after Christmas. :)


CorleyAunt said...

What a joy it is to see how and in what ways you love your little family...I love the way you write about your heart. It always uplifts me and gives me encouragement. You are a treasure, Dearie!

aubrey payne said...

haha...thats a hilarious picture...the chocolate streaming down his face...
hmmm.chocolate soy is pretty dang good when you can't have the real deal!

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