Oct 23, 2009

Things Happening

Zac is off to work this morning, leaving me and the kids for about 4 days...off and on. He will work tonight and then tomorrow go to Murfreesboro for a soccer tournament...return sometime on Sunday and then go for another 24 hour shift on Monday! I miss him but cling on to hope that October is almost over and maybe life will get a little more *normal.*

So many things have been happening and I just haven't been very faithful here with the 0l' blog. First off, about 10 days ago or so we received a call from our lawyer saying that all of the paper work was done and we could officially sell our house! After 2 years of waiting I can't tell you how that made me feel...just this sense of "finally" and I was ready to start scrubbing and decluttering. I came to accept the fact months ago that nothing I could do was going to make this process of any faster....so I stopped stressing....stopped trying to *push* things...and I just accepted. I love our little home so much but I'm ready for a little more room. Tristan has been sleeping in our dining room in his pack and play...sometimes with me. The kids have already had "accidents" because of trying to get into the one bathroom. So, things have been convenient but we've had everything we've needed and more. I'm learning that convenience is not always neccessity. So, with that all said...our house was officially listed yesterday! I'm excited but also a little sad...this was our first home...the place where I brought all of my new babies to- I love sitting on the porch and watching all the birds. Sometimes there will be 5 different species in front of me all the same time.

The day after we found out about our house being able to list we received a letter from the Denver fire department saying that they are accepting applications November 2nd! We have the date marked on the calander and Zac will be filling out an application as soon as they are availabe. We are excited for answers. If they don't hire him it will be clear to us to stay in this area and make it home...if they do accept him then we hopefully will be able to move....if our house sells. Okay...gotta go make breakfast but hopefully I'll be able to blog again sometime today with pictures to share.


Grammy said...

OH MY!! My heart just starts fluttering thinking that after all this time some things are going to be decided. On one hand I would love you to be in CO so that we can see three of our kids' families at one time. On the other hand, I hate for you to be there with us in FL!!! I want my cake and eat it too.It's also exciting to think that probably in the next few months you will have answers as to whether you're going to move or stay there. I know how you feel about moving from your first home, but it's exciting, too, to think about having more room. I love remembering sitting on your porch. We'll have to ask the Lord for another home that has some of the features you love about this one, like a porch with birds!

aubrey payne said...

AHHHHH....i hope he get HIRED...then my bestie and her family will be near!! i have the coolest little coffee shop i want to take you to!

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