Jan 13, 2010


...Brady and Trinity are really Snow White and an elf

...I dream of spring every morning

... I suffer from discontentment even though I constantly *work* on being content

... sometimes I snack ALL night long

... I love yoga

... I would love to be a physical trainer in my 40's

... if I didn't want to stay looking *normal* I would have dreads and tattoos all over my body - not joking. I just love them and always have.

... I suffer from frequent bouts of anger

... I also suffer from tears of happiness about once a day (is that really *suffering*?)

... I am lonely for a friend that views life the way I do, that loves what I loves, that wants to hang out with me whenever possible, that has a husband that gets a long with Zac and maybe even little kids so that ours can play with theirs. I would LOVE to have a couple that we can just let our hair down around and grill and play cards and even spend the night at each other's houses. It's my dream.

... I want Jesus to shine through me but I'm worried He doesn't

... I'm a perfectionist in denial - people view perfectionism negatively...that's why i'm in denial.

... if it didn't cause me to gain weight and feel unhealthy AND cost money i would eat a Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard from Dairy Queen everyday during the kid's nap.

... I miss my husband ... I miss just having our time

... I wouldn't give my kids up for a million bucks - i love making memories with them

... I love story books with little mice that drink from thimbles and sleep in match boxes

... I've always wanted to be a brunette with green eyes - always.


Cindy said...

I want to be salt and light

and I want to be thin :)

Tim said...


Zac said...

I wish for a vacation for just you and me alone, baby...... :)

emily rhudy said...

oh my gosh you need to check out mycharmingkids.net its this chicks blog and i think she is your soul mate! you guys need to cancel all your plans and move by them, they could totally be your best friends.seriously, check out her blog!

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