Jan 6, 2010

Tea Anyone?

A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home.
- Chinese Proverb

Turns out today has been nice. It's cold but at least there is lovely sunlight filtering through the dining room windows - I love that it at least looks warm in here. I baked a fresh loaf of bread this morning that the kids downed with some fig preserves (canned by my Granny Toole) and a little milk. Zac brought me these flowers home the other day and I have decided that mason jars will be forevermore my first choice for a vase. I just love the simplicity and how homey they look.

I let the kids use my REAL teacups and they were ecstatic, and so very careful. I held my breath for awhile but then realized I wasn't getting any joy out of having these things while they were stored up in a cabinet...and if they break...at least there will be lovely pictures and happy times to remember - at least they were enjoyed. Today's goal : to relish in being domestic. I'm also thinking that I need to make a goal reading list for the year and a goal project list. I've never done anything like that and I would like for it to at least be in my mind as something to strive for. I was able to exercise today while the kid's rested in there room and when they wake up we will probably bake some banana muffins for our breakfast tomorrow. I can't decide which crafty project I would like to start first. I have a pillow that I would really love to start on but I also really need to hem some curtains....hmmmm....maybe I should start something like on the movie Julie and Julia and work my way through a craft book(instead of a recipe book) over the course of a year. Hmmmm....do I really have the courage to take that on right now in life? Maybe. Maybe if it was a simple project. Stay tuned.

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