Jan 5, 2010


A long winter day is in store for me today. Much to cold to go out with the kids....plus, where would we go? That's my biggest question in the winter time....if I go to the mall we are bombarded with all the ads and people, the stores full of things from my *if only * list...if we go outside it takes forever to bundle up the three kids and then they are ready to come back in after 5 minutes. Then, I guess everywhere else would cost money...restaurants, rides in the car...therefor, home is where we'll be. :) The kids have been handling the cooped up state rather well - I think I may be the one loosing my mind. Today my goal is to bake banana muffins...maybe organize a few dresser drawers...try to get rid of another bag of stuff. I ALWAYS have the goal to get rid of stuff...I probably take at least three Wal Mart bags full of unnecessary items to the thrift store once a month.
Anyways, on to a little update on the kids. Brady is very very four. He talks to me without ceasing...ALL DAY LONG. I try to listen. I try to answer question after question...sometimes I don't have the answers. This month I'm going to begin reading lessons with him. He already knows the sounds of all of his letters so hopefully he'll catch on pretty soon. I have a goal to teach him all about a new place in the world once every 2 weeks. You know...the state bird, flower...what they do for entertainment...that sort of thing. He has such a sweet heart and thanks me constantly for anything I do for him. Yesterday i went to the consignment shop to search for a coat for him....yep, that's right...we're in the middle of winter and he doesn't have a warm coat. Anyways, I found one and when I gave it to him he just said "oh thank you so much." Later, probably 2 hours later, he was playing in his coat and he looked up at me with a smile and said "thank you so much for getting this coat for me." Ah, melts the heart.

Trinity is still the treasure and joy of my heart. I don't say *life* even though she is...heart just seems more appropriate since I feel it swelling every time I talk and laugh with her. She is getting so big and is big brother's biggest fan. Anything Brady does...she wants to do. She is quick to obey and has a very spunky spirit but is also very sensitive. She loves to dress up and just recently was given some used princess costumes - it is a HOOT! Pictures to come.....
Trinity is basically potty trained just still needs a diaper at night. I think she has a food allergy and I've almost narrowed it down to nuts...poor little thing - she loves peanut butter so much. Trin likes to pretend like she's serving my food all day long. Oh, and she still loves to sing. She's my little song bird.

Tristan is such a happy baby...unless I decide to put him in his pack and play before he's good and ready. He's still not sitting up on his own which is strange to me since the other two were crawling at 6 months. No...he just content to bounce and sit in the bumbo all day. I give him lots of belly time and he has fun but no crawling movements. My word for Tristan is "chill." It would be so funny if as he grows older if he were to keep that relaxed attitude. Such a change around here....the other two kiddos are pretty *on the go* to say the least. I was suppose to go today to get Trist measured and weighed but am going to call and cancel since Zac is working and there's no way I'm sitting in an office with all three kids. No way at all.


Summey Life said...

Hey friend...your kids are so precious. I am glad that Tristan is so relaxed. God knew that you needed a calm baby. If you do want to get out of the house some day just come over here. I can't really leave anymore because I rarely have the car and I babysit Seth and Laura Grier's little girl. Anyway, my house is small but I would love the company.

Cindy said...

before long you will be able to take them to the library. That's where we go on bad days..or good ones...to spend some time out and there is so much to look at!
also, we have a dollar movie theatre that we go to sometimes.
I see lots of moms with very small children there.

I remember that when mine were about your ages...I started practicing a time when they had to play in their room...maybe about half an hour...I had a bag of toys that I got out only for that time and told them mommy needs a few minutes to be quiet and you all must stay in your room for a bit and play with these toys. sometimes I set a timer...then when they heard the timer they would come running out to see what I was doing. Usually I used this time to read my bible...but sometimes I just sat with my eyes closed...
sometimes it worked wonderfully and others not...but it was worth the effort. One day I was reading my bible...Jordan came out after and said Mom you were reading that yesterday! didn't you get it all read?

The Toplovs said...

It's probably a good thing that with two munchkins on the go all the time, your third is in no hurry. I think it's rather nice to set your child down in one spot and know they will be there when you come back. Ezra sat up by 5 1/2 months, but at 9 months has shown no desire to crawl. I suppose he'll be like Jaida and probably just start walking after 1.

I know how you feel living in a colder climate myself. We spend most of our time indoors.

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