Jan 18, 2010

The Unseen

"Therefore we do not lose heart...We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

~ 2 Corinthians 4:16 NIV

Hmmm...to focus today on all of the unseens...the unconditional love we should have for one another. Grace, mercy....putting warmth in another's heart by a kind deed or by maybe some praise...being a servant...what can I do today that will making a difference in the *eternal*?

Last night was one of those tossing turning kind of evenings...the kind where I longed for sleep....wanted sleep so badly...but there were other things to take it's place. A crying baby, wet sheets at midnight, noises....thoughts that couldn't be turned off. I specifically remember praying at 1 am asking God to PLEASE give me patience for the next day because I knew I would be a little sleep deprived. Turns out....the terrible day I was so sure I was going to have turned out into an absolutely lovely day.

It all started with me peeking out the window this morning to the most wonderful soft hazy sunrise. The light was slowly lifting away the darkness and there were long dark shadows stretching across the front yard....the bare branches of the big oak in front were stretching towards the sky...like it was trying to grasp a little bit of sunshine for warmth after a long cold night. The dear tree didn't have long to wait before it was absolutely bathed in light and warmth...the day was LOVELY. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the moss that grows up the tree...like a long carpet - perhaps for a fairy to walk up in the middle of the night when no one can see? Wouldn't surprise me...no not one bit.

I think we spent at least 2 hours outside with the baby in my Becco carrier and the kids riding bikes and toy John Deere Tractors. So much fun to see them playing somewhere besides in my living room. I have lots of pictures of the day but don't believe I'll be able to get them posted tonight. I found out about 3 hours ago that I'll be leaving for Florida in the morning to visit with my Granny Toole who is still in the hospital. I look forward to seeing her and hopefully being able to introduce Tristan to her.

Love this picture of Brady's ear *glowing.* It's almost as bright as his smile...but not quite. Such a sweet little boy...full of "thank you for making the cobbler for us today mommy" and "I love you very much mom. I'm proud of you." Just melts your heart. Anyways, this entire post was one big rabbit trail but what I wanted to say is...by the end of the day I know that I did accomplish a little of the *unseen* and it makes my heart sing.

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Lesley said...

isn't amazing how God gives us what we need even when we don't know what it is or are focusing on the wrong things. He is so great and your babies are getting so cute i wish i could come play with them and chat with you!

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