Feb 13, 2010

Happy Love Day

We celebrated our Valentine's Day yesterday since Zac would be working on the actual holiday. I started the morning off with some whole wheat pancakes and strawberries with whipped topping. The night before I had cut hearts out of computer paper and hung them on the light fixture as a sort of centerpiece. The kids loved it...I think they thought it was Christmas for some reason - maybe because I decorated for the day? I know, I know...it's just Valentine's Day...but I really want to make a point of making special days...special. :)
Breakfast was a good opportunity to talk to the kids a bit about what love is and how we can love others...serving them, giving hugs and kisses, buying gifts, ect. I tried to keep telling them that we can love because Christ loves us. Not really sure they got it...but at least we tried. :) The kids were a bit crazy - eating pancakes quicker then I could cut them up for them. Tristan LOVES solids so I also was trying to feed him some applesauce - after awhile I kind of second guessed my motives as to why I would want to put so much effort into something that wasn't totally appreciated. I kept coming back to the following points:
1. Because that's the reason for this special day - to love unconditionally!
2. I DO have pictures so when they are adults they can't blame me for not making little occasions special...
3. I happen to love pancakes and strawberries...even if I have to eat mine after everyone else's done.
4. It's just nice having hearts float over the table

We bought the kids a little gift (oh yes we did). Brady got these awesome monkey PJ's (clearance at TJ Maxx) and Trini a purse ("just like mommy!") They LOVED them. Brady quickly started playing this game like the window was his store called JCMonkey and he would use the tag off the pj's as the Monkey credit card. He kept selling Trinity items and after check out would say SUPER loudly "Thanks for shopping at JCMonkey!" Later that afternoon he informed me that JCMonkey was an exercise store...followed by him bringing me a red gift bag with a wooden goose inside that he said was an "exercise goose" just for me to workout with. Nice. Goes to show you that even though my kids do watch a little television their imaginations have not been affected in any way. :) Happy Valentine's Day yall.
- Alyssa Spring

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CorleyAunt said...

You are a treasure!

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