Feb 19, 2010

A Peek At Our Yard On A Sunny Day

Notice in the title I said sunny - not warm. Funny how 42 degree weather made us feel like we were at the beach in coats. Story basically goes like this :
Zac - "Alyssa, it's sunny outside!"
Me - "Grab the kids...we should have a picnic!"
We didn't have a picnic yall - it was only 4 pm. We did have lots of fun though...here's what was accomplished. 1. Hugs in Sunshine (see above photo.)

2. Gazing up into one lone pine tree....make believing like I was in a huge forest being chased by wolves. Not sure why looking at a pine tree made me feel like that, but it did. I literally ran away from the brush screaming "there's a wolf after me, ahhhhhhhh." I screamed so loud our neighbor looked over towards our house a little worried. The kids thought it was splendid. Oh...and notice that big knot on that little bitty branch. I feel sorry for it - it must feel so out of place.
3. I was able to get as dizzy as anyone needs to get. I swung brady around and around and then realized that it wasn't really that entertaining - why do kids love it so? I know I did when I was little...but really folks...felt like someone had spiked my water or something.

4. I got my leg sawed off by the evil poacher/soccer coach. I realize now , looking at this picture, my pose would have been more appropriate had I been getting a sword thrust in my heart. Guess i haven't seen to many legs being marred off of a live body (that's a good thing.)

5. We hugged a tree

6. We tried to help Brady stay "cool, calm, and collected " whilst hugging. He seemed to think he was going to fall at any moment...where in reality...he was wedged in so tight it was hard getting him down.

7. Trinity enjoyed the aforesaid "hugging" much more then Brady - oh, and the smiling at the camera.

8. We got to see Tristy actually sitting up in the sun for the first time in his life.
All that to say, yesterday was a pretty snazzy afternoon. I still haven't posted pictures of our snow last week...but I think it's better this way. I want to encourage the sunshine and discourage the snow just a bit. I could just feel spring so much yesterday, even though I'm sure there will still be several cold snaps that will leave me feeling overwhelmed with grey thoughts, however....it's nice to have hope that the days will soon be warmer, my kids will be happier with some sun on their skin, the trees will start clothing themselves in teeny buds and blooming flowers, the garden will start growing and flourishing...and I , my dears, will sit on my porch every morning with a cup of joe watching birds and bees. I say bees because although they are cute...they're pesty little creatures...and it seems like every time I situate my self perfectly on my porch swing...at least two of these aggravating friends try and keep me company.
With that said...I will take a few bees over the snow any day...please come soon warm weather. We need you.

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Lesley said...

i love seeing you in some pictures really made me smile looks like lots of fun!

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