Feb 20, 2010

Saturday Sewing

My three littles ALL woke up with the sniffles this morning. Let me tell you...one child with a cold is manageable...a cold X 3 is another thing. Therefor, I'm hoping that the ginger baths/medicinal teas I'm giving them today will help keep their runny noses into turning into anything more serious. Here's hoping. One plus side to them all being a little "down' is that there is a lot of rest time which means that instead of me deep cleaning the house like I should have done...instead I got out my pair of scissors and snipped off the end of Trinity's curtains (they were way too long.)
I hemmed them up and then realized I had all of this lovely leftover fabric...what to do?

Ah ha! Something every child needs....chair cushions! I had to go out to the shed to search for some batting, and luck would have it...just enough for two little padded squares. Trinity is thrilled.
It's so much fun re purposing items that I already have....making something lovely and "custom" out of scraps. I love this idea of recycling...of not wasting when you really don't have to...and at the same time creating something that makes your house a little bit more "homey." Have a lovely weekend everyone!


CorleyAunt said...

So you got your machine fixed??!!!

Alyssa Spring said...

No...I"m borrowing it from someone. :)

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