Feb 21, 2010

A Good Day...Understatement

Another lovely sun filled day... another day to love eachother, to practice patience, to extend grace....to be full of joy. We were able to spend the whole morning walking and watching the kids play at a nearby park. Can I just say for the 1247th time how much I love the sun? Our kids were like new creatures ...giggling and playing together - perfectly happy in this new environment called " The Great Outdoors." I think I totally forgot how wonderful it is to just sit and watch kids running around in the morning light...carefree and so very childlike (unlike the crazy animal like behaviour that seems to take over after 4 months of rain and cold. ) What a joy to watch Tristan for the first time in his life discovering grass and trees...old crumply brown leaves....and the soft fur of the kitty kitty (which I quicly chased away when I noticed tristan also wanted to taste the durn thing!)

It's so neat seeing things through the eyes of a child. Sometimes I wonder what they think of me when I interact with them. I hope that they see grace...that they see love and joy...purity. I wonder if they will remember a day like today...walking hand in hand around a pond, watching geese fight and other people walking by smiling at our little family - for some strange reason. :) I wonder if they will remember their mama and daddy sitting on a bench taking pleasure just from watching them. Nothing else...just them and their giggles. I hope they will always feel so very cherished...I hope they will always feel acceptance. I hope they will know that God gave me my ears to listen to their hearts...my lips to encourage...my arms to hug and love...I hope that I will remember.

Thank you Lord for another day of sunshine.

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